Plasma Cleaners, Etchers and Ashers
Plasma Cleaners, Etchers and Ashers
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Plasma Cleaners, Etchers and Ashers

SPI Supplies offers a complete line of plasma cleaners and etchers for your sample preparation needs.

  • UV Prep: UV to remove surface hydrocarbon on SEM samples.
  • Plasma Prep III: Our General Purpose RF Plasma cleaner, etcher, asher.
  • Plasma Prep Plasma Cleaner: RF system for the cleaning of TEM holders.
  • Plasma Prep X: RF Parallel Plate design for isotropic cleaning and etching.
  • Plasma Prep RIE: RF Reactive Ion Etcher system for selective orientated etching.
  • Plasma Prep Jr: High energy microwave plasma etcher systems for bulk removal and etching.
  • There is of course some overlap among these systems and which one may be better for your application, so keep in mind that the information for these systems is just a "rule of thumb", Should you have any applications questions, just ask!

Items in Plasma Cleaners, Etchers and Ashers

Plasma Prep X

Item Z11006
From $40,148.00

Plasma Prep X w/Quartz

Item Z11006Q
From $40,822.00

Plasma Prep RIE

Item Z11060
From $36,017.00