NuNano AFM Probe Tips

High quality silicon AFM probes
Rigorous inspection
Minimal probe to probe variation

Utile Precision Cutter

Designed to quickly downsize large substrates into smaller pieces
Use for Glass, Quartz, Silicon, Sapphire, YSZ.
Carbide or diamond scribing wheel

Sapphire Substrates

Substrates produced from single crystal sapphire.
Excellent optical, physical and chemical properties.
Good for high temperature applications.

Elite Digital Wireless Recorder

Digital wireless recording system.
Ideal for in-situ measurements in isolated chambers.
Supports multi-user access and remote control.

10x LED Loupe

Built-in LED array provides all around illumination.
3.5 cm (1.4 inch) viewing area.
Includes a 30 mm scale (0.1 mm divisions).

UV Prep

Removes hydrocarbon films without affecting underlying substrates.
Improves FE-SEM resolution.
Programmable for reproducible results.