LP Liquid Polymers
LP Liquid Polymers
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LP Liquid Polymers

LP polymers are synthetic rubber resins used in the production of a wide range of end products including

  • component in embedding resins used in microscopy and histology embedding
  • sealants for aerospace, construction and insulated glass industries
  • coatings and membranes
  • formed in-place gaskets
  • impregnation of leather
  • wire and cable sealing
  • vibration dampening
  • dental molding compounds
  • electrical potting compounds and plastic tooling
  • printing blankets
Product Average MOL % TCP Viscosity Moisture Alkalinity Mercaptan
Name MW Added Mfg. Pa's/25 C° % ppm Content %
LP-33 1000 0.5 1.5-2.0 Max 0.1 ------- 5.0-6.5
None available