LP Liquid Polymers
LP Liquid Polymers
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LP Liquid Polymers

SPI Supplies now offers the entire line of Thiokol LP polymers previously made by Morton Thiokol. If you don't see what you are looking for and if the product is listed in "black", it means only that it is not yet up on the website. Contract us for pricing. Be sure to give us the product number and the quantity needed. Less than 5 gallon quantities have been repackaged by SPI Supplies.

LP polymers are synthetic rubber resins used in the production of a wide range of end products including

  • sealants for aerospace, construction and insulated glass industries
  • coatings and membranes
  • formed in-place gaskets
  • impregnation of leather
  • wire and cable sealing
  • vibration dampening
  • dental molding compounds
  • electrical potting compounds and plastic tooling
  • printing blankets
  • component in embedding resins used in microscopy and histology embedding
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