Vacuum Products and Pumps
Vacuum Products and Pumps
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Vacuum Products and Pumps

The world has a number of different pump manufactures but we feature the two we consider the very, very best. SPI Supplies also offers a wide variety of products for use in vacuum applications.

Mechanical Pumps: Pfeiffer and Leybold used with our Plasma Prep etchers and coater systems.

Diaphragm Pumps: 927 and Gast used with our Spin Coaters and Vacuum Desiccators.

Pump Accessories: Oil mist filters, foreline traps, parts and kits.

Vacuum greases and lubricants: Braycote, Apiezon, Nye, Kluber, Santovac, MOLYKOTE (formally Dow), Torr Lube and others.

Grease removers: Used in the cleaning of many of these greases, these may be found in the Solvents section of our website: Galden, EnSolv, Braycote.

Vacuum Fluids: Synthetics such as Santovac, and Fomblin as well as hydrocarbon fluids for mechanical pumps are available.

Leak Sealants: The Vacseal Leak Sealant line of products is known worldwide for its ability to treat leaks in high vacuum systems. Aerosol and brush on formulations available.

View Ports: Kodial Glass with various coatings.

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