Braycote Vacuum Greases
Braycote Vacuum Greases
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Braycote Vacuum Greases

Braycote® Greases

The Braycote line of high vacuum greases has been developed to cover a wide range of temperature and chemical environments. The Braycote greases are perhaps best known for their high chemical inertness which derives from their basically completely fluorinated chemistry, both in terms of the "base liquid", which is very similar to a diffusion pump fluid, and the solids phase, which is a micro-colloid of tiny polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) "dispersion" particles.

The Braycote line of greases cover a very wide range of applications and consequently, a large number of different products, often times varying only slightly, but having large differences in certain applications. The product range has been very confusing for many who have approached it for the first time, so let us try first to clarify some of the important points.

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