Ceramic Grids
Ceramic Grids
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Ceramic Grids

Optically transparent ceramic grids with an integrated ceramic film coatings.

With increasingly diverse and specialized applications in both optical and electron microcopies, there is a growing demand for a specimen support that can be used in cross platform application. To help met these needs, SPI Supplies introduces a novel class of ceramic-based supports. SPI Supplies Ceramic Grids and Discs are a nanostructured alumina ceramic material (aluminum oxide) that are produced using a microfabrication process. They provide an alternative when other materials may be unsuitable.

Product Specs & Features
  • High thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Optically transparent, minimal fluorescence background.
  • Reduced beam-induced movement.
  • Biocompatible, non-toxic, hydrophilic.
  • "Wafer-style" packaging (both Grids and Discs)
User Benefits
  • Improved image quality.
  • New capabilities in optical and fluorescence microscopy, including imaging across entire grid structure.
  • Improved cell culture growth and specimen adhesion, rapid freezing for cryo-EM analyses.
  • High temperature capable for environmental EM.
  • Custom designs and specifications per user input.
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