Calibrated Microspheres
Calibrated Microspheres
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Calibrated Microspheres

SPI Supplies Calibrated Microspheres are available for calibrating SEM, TEM, LM, confocal, SPM, just about any and every imaginable kind of microscope. All products have been calibrated against NIST traceable standards. The Polystyrene Latex and Polystyrene DVB are in an aqueous suspension while the Borosilicate and Soda Lime Glasses are dry powders.

Select from these materials and calibration range sizes:

Polystyrene Latex: 0.11 to 1.10 µm
Polystyrene DVB: 5 to 20 µm
Borosilicate Glass: 2 to 20 µm
Soda Lime Glass: 30 to 2000 µm

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