Filter Holders
Filter Holders
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Filter Holders

Easy-to-use plastic pressure holders for polycarbonate (SPI-Pore and Cytiva), SPI Silver, and Anopore membrane filters. For use in all applications, including syringe and vacuum or pressure devices.

SPI # F0101-BA F0102-BA F0103-AJ
Materials Polycarbonate Polypropylene Polycarbonate
Maximum operating
temperature and pressure
38°C (100°F) at 3.5 bar (50 psi)
Sterilization 121°C (250°F) for 15 minutes
Size (cm) 2.7 OD x 2.7 H 3.5 OD x 3.7 H 6.0 OD x 6.5 H
Membrane size (mm) 13 25 47
Prefilter size (mm) 10 22 42
Filtration area (cm2) 0.8 3.9 13.8

Cap Male luer slip-fit Female luer-lok Female luer slip-fit
Base Female luer slip-fit Male luer slip-fit Male 1/4" NPT and 1/4"
tubing (multipurpose)