Braycote 806RP High Vacuum Grease 2oz (56g) Syringe

Braycote 806RP has been discontinued; this page is for informational purposes. We would suggest reviewing the performance characteristics for Braycote 601EF or Braycote 806 as an alternate. If you have specific questions, or are looking for an alternate product with a corrosion inhibiter, please contact SPI Supplies.

Braycote® 806RP High Vacuum Grease 2oz (56g) Syringe

Braycote® 806RP is a smooth, buttery, off-white NLGI #2 grease based on a perfluoroether base oil. It is thermally stable, nonflammable, and chemically inert to commonly used fuels, solvents and oxidizers. Braycote 806RP is based upon a QPL listed MIL-PRF-27617 grease and contains an additional rust inhibitor additive for those applications requiring ferrous metal protection.

Temperature Range of Use:

-30°C to above 204°C (-22°F to above 400°F)

Use and Applications:

Braycote 806RP is designed for static and dynamic lubrication to taper plug valves, gaskets and bearings in fuel systems of aircraft and ground support equipment. It is also suitable for use in the presence of oxygen (LOX/GOX) as a lubricant for valves, threads, and bearings. Perfluorinated greases, such as Braycote 806RP are chemically inert and exhibit excellent shelf lives due to their inertness.


Braycote 806RP is compatible with all commonly utilized metals, plastics and elastomers. Braycote 806RP may be adversely affected by Lewis Acids catalysts such as AlCl3, at elevated temperatures. Newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum, magnesium or titanium alloys under certain conditions may react with Braycote 806RP. Such systems should be thoroughly evaluated. Surfaces must be well cleaned of organic rust inhibitors prior to grease application to insure proper lubrication.

Removal of unwanted grease from grease applied surfaces:

The composition of this product is a mixture of small PTFE particles (which won't dissolve in anything) and a perfluorinated polyether liquid. We have found that Castrol® Fluoroclean™ HE is an effective solvent for the liquid component of the formulated composition and aids in the removal of the grease from places where it is no longer needed or wanted.


Braycote 806RP is available in a 2 ounce (AVDP) disposable plastic syringe.