Leybold D4B w/Hydrocarbon Oil

Leybold D4B w/Hydrocarbon Oil
Leybold D4B w/Hydrocarbon Oil
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Leybold D4B w/Hydrocarbon Oil

Precharged with hydrocarbon vacuum pump fluid 


  • Pump Capacity
  • 60Hz: 3.0 cubic feet/min. (85.0 liters/minute)
  • 50Hz: 2.8 cubic feet/min. (79.3 liters/minute)
  • Electrical: 115/230V, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 65 lbs (30 kg)

Special note for all vacuum pumps:
We highly recommend all vacuum pumps not connected to a direct exhaust be operated with an oil-mist filter which must be ordered separately. 

Leybold mechanical vacuum pumps are powerful, two-stage direct-drive workhorses, pumping 2.1, 3.4 or 6.9 cubic feet per minute (at 60 Hz operation) to clear out chambers and maintain vacuum with ease. They offer these standard features: fan-cooling, low noise operation, minimum vibration, built-in flap to minimize fluid backup into the chamber, Viton® fluoroelastomer seals, wide oil level tolerance, pressure drain facility, and constant oil lubrication with positive oil feed. Pumps are prepared and charged with either hydrocarbon or perfluoropolyether pump fluid such asFomblin® or Krytox® fluid prior to shipment.

Please specify your choice of hydrocarbon or perfluoropolyether pump fluid. Pumps come standard charged with Fomblin®. When intended for use with plasma etchers or in corrosive environments, we recommend ordering the pumps precharged with Fomblin® pump fluid.

Note that all Leybold pumps shipped by SPI Supplies from the USA are C-E certified for sale in the European Community.