Plasma Prep III
Plasma Prep III
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Plasma Prep III

The Plasma Prep III (PP III) is a compact tabletop low temperature system. Employing a solid state design, the PPIII delivers from 1W to 100W watts of power. The small footprint allows the system to fit neatly in most any laboratory environment. Easy to use, the system allows a number of applications.

Plasma Cleaner: Surface cleaning, removal of organics; surface chemistry functionalization.
Plasma Etching: Etching materials such as SiN and SiO.
Plasma Ashing: Bulk material removal without affecting the chemistry of the minor components (asbestos in lung tissue; coal digestion).

The unit features:

  • Flexible range. Capable of 1 to 100W operation
  • Greater stability
  • Reproducible conditions.
  • Small footprint (10.5" H X 14.75" W X 12" D)
  • Integrated vacuum gauge
  • Display and adjustment of forward and reverse power levels
  • Digital metering
  • 110/220V compatible
  • 4" diameter x 6" depth Pyrex or Quartz Chamber

Click here to watch a video on the operation of the SPI Plasma Prep III Plasma Etcher

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