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Storage Boxes, Holders & Mailers
Storage Boxes, Holders & Mailers

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Storage Boxes, Holders & Mailers

The SPI microscope slide storage boxes, made in colorful plastic, are available in two different sizes, one holding 25 slides, the other holding 100 slides. Experiments can be set up using color coded boxes for different projects, or clients, designed to minimize the chances of sample mix-up and to make slide retrieval from an archiving system to be fast and simple.

So gear up to use green for one experiment, red for a second! Color code your stored and archived slides with these new brightly colored polystyrene slide storage boxes.

Each box is secured with a corrosion resistant nickel- plated clasp and hinge pin. Two different bottom linings are available: The tried and true natural "cork" and now a new high technology foam lines straight from the aerospace industry. Both linings minimize the possibility of damage to the edges of the slides, however the new foam lining provides a truly gentle kind of cushion for when the slides are being transported. But you really do have to try out the two linings to find out which is for you. Generally speaking, we would recommend the foam lining when the need for working in particulate free environments is important.

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