Plastic Slide Holder-40

Plastic Slide Holder-40
Plastic Slide Holder-40
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The SPI Supplies® Brand Plastic Slide Holders come in two different sizes, one that holds 40 and a larger version that holds 90 standard 1x3" (25x76 mm) microscope slides made either of glass, quartz or even our popular 25 x 75 mm slide side mica substrates.

The plastic trays have many uses in the typical microscopy laboratory but the most common one is for protocols that require an air drying step (for excess fluids) and the slides can be left in the trays for the drying. When quantities of slides en mass have to be either evacuated or heated (but not to over 90° C), these trays make everything very convenient. The polyethylene used is mechanically strong and chemical resistant to most common laboratory solvents. If the drying requires vacuum, the polyethylene does not itself absorb moisture and is therefore vacuum compatible.

40 Slide Capacity