SPI-Chem Benzoyl Peroxide, 10 g, CAS #94-36-0

SPI-Chem Benzoyl Peroxide, 10 g, CAS #94-36-0
SPI-Chem Benzoyl Peroxide, 10 g, CAS #94-36-0
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Chemical Formula:C14H10O4
Formula Weight:242
RTECS #:DM8575000
Apperance:Granular white paste-powder
Odor:Faint to no odor
Boiling Point:Not available
Melting Point:142° C / 287° F
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):Not available
UN #:3104 Oxidizer

Benzoyl peroxide, when dry, can, under certain circumstances, be an explosive solid. That is why it is supplied "wet". If we describe it as a "paste", then customers who receive what looks more like a "powder" become concerned and worried. If we describe it as a powder, then we have other customers expressing various safety concerns about the material they have received. In the UK, they use the term "damped" to describe a material in this kind of state.

The product supplied by SPI Supplies contains 25% water but to the eyes of most, it really does appear to be more like a powder than a paste. When it really shakes like a dry powder, however, we add a little water so it is taken to the "damped" state.

Before the product is shipped from SPI Supplies, it is given a final inspection. Should it sit on your laboratory shelf for some time, and you have concerns, let us know and we will try our best to put your mind at ease.