Special Packaging Charges

The charges described on this page are packaging charges levied by SPI and are not to be considered part of the actual shipping charges.

Dangerous Goods Packaging Charge

This charge is applied to items classified as Dangerous Goods (ie: DG). Items shipped as dangerous goods include the hazardous items icons as found here

SPI # Each


$ 20.00

Excepted Quantity Packaging Charge (OK-SPI) 

This charge applies for shipments shipping via  OK-SPI procedures. In most cases, the charge applies for the whole shipment since a number of items can go into the same parcel. There are exceptions and these will be addressed in our proforma invoice or order acknowledgement. The best advice we can give our customers for saving money is to pay attention to those items available as  OK-SPI designations. If you can place your order so it can be shipped as an  OK-SPI shipment, we guarantee you will save money.

  SPI # Each

Domestic Orders


$ 12.00

International Orders


$ 12.00


Cold Shipment Packaging Charges

SPI Supplies packages items requiring refrigeration with a refrigerator gel pack which keeps the item cold until delivered to the customer. It is our experience that even under the most extreme of conditions, the gel pack will assure the shipment arrives cold, provided delivery is made within 72 hours of shipment from SPI Supplies. Delays due to circumstances beyond our control cannot be our responsibility. Such delays are the risk of the customer, not SPI Supplies. To guarantee the fastest possible delivery, all cold ship items are sent by overnight courier service in the US and Express courier service internationally.

SPI # Each


$ 10.00