DENKA M-3 LaB6 Filaments / Cathodes
DENKA M-3 LaB6 Filaments / Cathodes
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DENKA M-3 LaB6 Filaments / Cathodes

The Denka M-3 LaB6 filaments (Lanthanum Hexaboride) are the industry standard, high quality LaB6 cathodes. The standard Denka M-3 LaB6 cathode includes a 90° tip angle and a 15µm round tip; this provides a high brightness source coupled with excellent stability. Denka uses the purest , highest quality LaB6 crystals for the Denka M-3 LaB6 cathodes. The Denka LaB6 tip provides a 10x higher brightness than the standard tungsten source, resulting in better resolution with clear images and less noise. The lifetime of the LaB6 cathode is much longer than a tungsten source providing a stable source over a longer period.

The Denka LaB6 cathodes improve results when used for:

  • SEM for low voltage and long term EDS mapping applications
  • TEM imaging and analysis
  • Electron probe micro analyzers (EPMA or Microprobe)
  • E-beam lithography
The LaB6 sources require a higher vacuum than standard tungsten sources which generally requires an additional ion-getter pump at the electron source. The required vacuum is in the 10-7 mbar range.

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