JEOL LaB6 Cathode (K-Type)

JEOL LaB6 Cathode (K-Type)
JEOL LaB6 Cathode (K-Type)
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LaB6 Cathodes: Standard Tip
Base Type: JEOL SEM/TEM (K-Type)
Tip Shape: 90° Cone angle with 15 µm round top
Brightness: 10x times than tungsten tip (1 x 106 A/cm2.Str)
Saturation: Mono spot at around 1500°C
Crossover: Small; 7-10µm
Angular Distribution: Sharp; 1.6 x 10-2 rad
Lifetime: Approx. 500 - 2000 Hrs
Stability: High, better than 3%/Hr
Vacuum: 10-7 mbar or better
Work Function: 2.66 ev
Base Dimensions (mm)
Diameter of Ceramic disc: 28.0
Diameter of Pins: 1.2
Center Distance of Pins: 8.0