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SPI Plasma Prep II Replacement Parts
SPI Plasma Prep II Replacement Parts

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SPI Plasma Prep II Replacement Parts


SPI Plasma-Prep II (11005-AB, 11005-AX), a compact, "bench-top" sized plasma etcher, which can also serve as a plasma asher or even a plasma cleaner, uses dry plasma chemistry to reveal hidden detail for SEM and TEM analysis. This room-temperature plasma etching process works selectively, gently - and is well-suited for many applications in the EM lab, including work in: life sciences, materials science, electronics, AEM, failure analysis and general electron microscopy, including asbestos sample preparation*. Additionally, it is also widely used for the cleaning before use of microscope slides, both glass and quartz, and it is also used for the cleaning of transmission cells for a variety of different types of spectroscopic instrumentation.

For our Plasma Prep II Instruction Manual.

For our solid state RF plasma system please got to the Plasma Prep III.

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