Graduated Cylinder, Polypropylene Translucent

Graduated Cylinder, 10 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 0.2 ml Subdivisions
Volume 10 ml
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Graduated Cylinder, 25 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 0.5 ml Subdivisions
Volume 25 ml
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Graduated Cylinder, 50 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 1 ml Subdivisions
Volume 50 ml
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Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 1 ml Subdivisions
Volume 100 ml
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Graduated Cylinder, 250 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 2 ml Subdivisions
Volume 250
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Graduated Cylinder, 500 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 5 ml Subdivisions
Volume 500 ml
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Graduated Cylinder, 1000 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 10 ml Subdivisions
Volume 1000 ml
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Graduated Cylinder, 2000 ml, Polypropylene Translucent, 20 ml Subdivisions
Volume 2000 ml
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Polypropylene - Translucent

The polypropylene family of plastic graduated cylinders have a "Total Contained, Total Delivered" double scale with raised numerals for easy reading. The flared rim and large spouts facilitate pouring, and hexagonally shaped base gives additional stability. The "non-wetting" polypropylene surface eliminates concave meniscus and makes reading easier and more accurate. The polypropylene cylinders are chemically resistant (but less so then PMP above) and are autoclavable to 121°C (250°F).

Volume Height Diameter Subdivisons
09641-AB10 ml / 0.33 fl oz5.71"57"0.2 ml
09642-AB25 ml / 0.84 fl oz7.48"73"0.5 ml
09643-AB50 ml / 1.69 fl oz7.87"1.0"1.0 ml
09644-AB100 ml / 3.33 fl oz10.0"1.18"1.0 ml
09645-AB250 ml / 8.33 fl oz13.74"1.47"2.0 ml
09646-AB500 ml / 16.70 fl oz13.78"2.17"5.0 ml
09647-AB1000 ml / 33.30 fl oz17.72"2.5"10.0 ml
09648-AB2000 ml / 66.60 fl oz20.08"3.37"20.0 ml