Braycote Micronic 815Z PFPE Base Oil

Brayco Micronic 815Z PFPE Base Oil, 2oz
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Brayco Micronic 815Z/1lb
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Braycote® Micronic® 815Z PFPE Base Oil, 2oz

Castrol Brayco 815Z is a clear water white perfluorinated polyether based fluid. It is virtually inert, compatible with rocket propellants and oxidizers, is unaffected by ultraviolet, cosmic radiation, or high vacuums. It has an exceptionally high viscosity index and low volatility, and has little tendency to form deposits. This product is highly recommended for use in applications at low temperature extremes and in high vacuum. It exhibits excellent lubricating properties, good dielectric properties, excellent shear stability, and low toxicity. Castrol Fluoroclean™ X100 or Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE can be used to remove this lubricant. Refer to the data sheets for information regarding these products.