Castrol® Braycote 296 Anti-Wear Grease

Castrol® Braycote 296 Anti-Corrosion Anti-Wear Grease, 10g [CofC not available]
Size 10 g
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Castrol® Microcote® 296 Anti-Corrosion Anti-Wear Grease, 2 oz
Size 2 oz
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Castrol® Braycote 296 Anti-Corrosion Anti-Wear Grease, 1 Pound (454 grams)
Size 1 lb.
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Castrol® Braycote 296 Anti-Corrosion Anti-Wear Grease, 1.75 (790g) Pound
Size 1.75 lb
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Please note: No Certification of conformance available for 05230-AB

Castrol Braycote™ 296 (previously called Microcote™ 296) is smooth, off-white colored perfluoropolyether grease, in NLGI grade 2. It uses a proprietary base fluid thickened with a special tetrafluoroethylene gelling agent. This product is specially formulated to provide wear protection in most load and speed conditions under high or extreme vacuum conditions. It offer excellent lubricity, thermal stability, low volatility, good shear stability, low acute toxicity and contain no sodium or other alkali metal containing ingredients. This grease is nonflammable and chemically inert. Castrol Brayco™ IC X-100 (previously called Fluoroclean™ X100) can be used to remove these lubricants. Refer to the data sheets for information regarding this product.


Braycote 296 is designed for use in extreme high vacuum critical particle count conditions which require antiwear lubrication. Typical applications include robotics used for semi-conductor production and other electronic applications. Braycote 296 grease can be used to lubricate bearings, gyros, gears, and also as an assembly lubricant for O-rings and elastomers.

Temperature Range: -50ºC to 204ºC (-58ºF to 400ºF)