Castrol Optitool 215-2 Cleanroom Grade Grease

Castrol Optitool 215-2 Cleanroom Grade Grease 30 cc Syringe
Size 30 cc Syringe
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Optitool 215-2 18 pound container
Size 18 Pound Contai
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Castrol Optitool 215-2 Cleanroom Grade Grease 14 oz (Fluid oz) cartridge
Size 14 oz cartridge
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Available while supplies last.

Effective May 8, 2015, this item will be rebranded as Tribol GR 215-2(Same product, same specifications). We suggest looking at Tribol GR 215-2 as a possible replacement..

Castrol® Optitool? 215-2 Cleanroom Grade Grease

Castrol Optitool™ 215-2 is a smooth, off-white fully synthetic NLGI 2 grade grease based upon specially selected raw materials and a proprietary thickener. This product was specifically designed for use in micro-electronic and clean room applications, which are sensitive to metallic elements and other contaminants. Castrol Optitool™ 215-2 uses no ingredients containing lithium, molybdenum, calcium, aluminum, barium, zinc or sodium as standard elements. These elements are typically found in other greases and may be contained in relatively high concentration.