Braycote Micronic 1613 High Vacuum Grease

Braycote Micronic 1613 High Vacuum Grease (2 oz) 56g Syringe
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Braycote Micronic 1613 High Vacuum Grease (10g) Syringe [CofC not available]
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Braycote Micronic 1613 High Vacuum Grease, 1 Pound (453g) Container
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Braycote® Micronic® 1613 High Vacuum Grease

Braycote® Micronic® 1613 is a smooth, buttery, off-white NLGI #2 grease based on a perfluoroether base oil. It is thermally stable, nonflammable, and chemically inert to commonly used fuels, solvents and oxidizers. It does not contain any of the rust preventative additives found in some of the Braycote greases.

Temperature Range of Use:

-73° C to 204° C (-99° F to 400° F) Note that for bearing applications, at 204° C no PFPE lubricant will give long use life. The higher the load, the shorter the use life and the lighter the load, the longer the use life

Use and Applications:

Braycote® Micronic® 1613 is designed for gears, ball and roller bearings. Perfluorinated greases, such as Braycote® Micronic® 1613 are chemically inert and exhibit excellent shelf lives due to their inertness. Because of the very low outgassing when used in laser applications, and the gasses to which the lubricant is subjected, Braycote Micronic 1613 is often times the preferred lubricant, especially if the surfaces in contact are steel or stainless steel (as opposed to aluminum). In fact, Braycote Micronic 1613 is considered to be the very lowest out-gassing lubricant available. It is used by the largest semiconductor OEMs and testing done by one of our customers has shown that Braycote Micronic 1613 to be exceptionally low in any potential ionic contaminants, that is, less than 1 ppb (parts per billion).

We are some times asked how Braycote Micronic 1613 compares with Microcote 296. Although Mircocoat® 296 is itself an excellent product, it is not considered to be quite as low in out-gassing as Braycote Micronic 1613.


Braycote® Micronic® 1613 is compatible with all commonly utilized metals, plastics and elastomers. The grease may be adversely affected by Lewis Acids catalysts such as AlCl3, at elevated temperatures. Newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum, magnesium or titanium alloys under certain conditions may react with Braycote® Micronic® 1613. Such systems should be thoroughly evaluated. Surfaces must be well cleaned of organic rust inhibitors prior to grease application to insure proper lubrication.

Removal of unwanted grease from grease applied surfaces:

The composition of this product is a mixture of small PTFE particles (which won't dissolve in anything) and a perfluorinated polyether liquid. We have found that Castrol® Fluoroclean™ HE is an effective solvent for the liquid component of the formulated composition and aids in the removal of the grease from places where it is no longer needed or wanted.


Braycote® Micronic® 1613 is available in a 1 pound (AVDP) tin can tub: