Apiezon 201 Diffusion Pump Fluid - Ejector (Vapour Booster), CAS #64742-52-5

Apiezon 201 Diffusion Pump Fluid - Ejector (Vapour Booster), 4 liters, CAS #64742-52-5
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Apiezon 201 Diffusion Pump Fluid - Ejector (Vapour Booster), Bulk 20 liters, CAS #64742-52-5
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Apiezon AP 201 is an industrial "booster" or diffusion pump fluid with an exceptionally high degree of oxidation resistance. It is the "original" fluid that has world wide acceptance, not to be confused with other "201 copies" are not the same product!

For those not so familiar with this type of pump fluid, keep in mind that Apiezon AP201 is a vapor booster pump fluid rather than a basic diffusion pump fluid. Vapor booster pumps have developed from conventional diffusion pumps but are designed to have high pumping speed and high gas throughput in the range 0.5 to 10-4 mbar. They are usually large units most often employed in industrial plant applications, for example:

Vacuum Metallurgy:

  • A typical furnace may have as many as 8 or more large pumps fitted
  • Freeze Drying
  • Wind Tunnels.

Compared to similarly appearing competitive vapor booster pump fluids, AP 201 offers much longer operating life and lower pump maintenance.

Apiezon AP 201 is manufactured from a molecularly distilled petroleum base and is quite a bit different in characteristics from synthetics such as Santovac® 5 or Octoil® S.

Trace Element Analysis:

Apiezon AP 201 grease is known for its low levels of trace elements.