Apiezon AP101 Anti seize Vacuum Grease, Silicone Free, CAS #'s 8012-95-1, 4485-12-5, 9002-84-0

Apiezon AP101 Anti seize Vacuum Grease, Silicone Free, 50g, CAS #'s 8012-95-1, 4485-12-5, 9002-84-0
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Apiezon AP101 Anti seize Vacuum Grease, Silicone Free, 4000g, CAS#'s 8012-95-1, 4485-12-5, 9002-84-0
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Apiezon AP 101 is an excellent general purpose, hydrocarbon grease, which is intended for a variety of industrial and scientific applications.

The key features of AP 101 include the following:

  • Anti-seize properties
  • Critical lubricant
  • Non-silicone based
  • Contains micronized particles of PTFE
  • Solvent/chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature range

Apiezon AP 101 contains PTFE which confers superior anti-seize properties providing long-lasting lubrication and ensuring smooth operation of stop cocks and taps. Coupled with easy separation of ground or polished glass joints, AP 101 is an excellent general purpose grease for laboratory use.

The value of AP 101 anti-seize properties are not limited to laboratory or glassware use, but are equally effective when used on metal equipment which may be subject to seizure or corrosion.

A small amount of Apiezon AP 101 on fasteners which, when exposed to corrosive environments normally jam solid, will be protected thus allowing them to be effortlessly removed.


Being hydrocarbon based, AP 101 does not suffer from the problems of "creep" or "carry over" which is traditionally associated with silicone greases. It reduces sample contamination and consequently the risk of interference in analytical techniques such as infra-red and mass spectrometry.

Additionally AP 101 can be used with confidence in paint spraying and metal deposition processes.

Solvent resistance

Both PTFE and the lithium stearate gel base in AP 101 are insoluble in most solvents. They ensure that AP 101 shows resistance to water, alcohols, ketones, and esters.

In addition, AP 101 resists attack from aqueous acid and alkali solutions, alcoholic alkali solutions and corrosive gases.

Wide temperature range

AP 101 is an excellent general purpose grease for sealing joints and is ideal for use in critical lubrication conditions such as highly stressed bearings. It can be used over a very wide range of temperatures, possessing its optimum consistency over the -15 to + 150 °C (+5 to 302 °F) temperature range, but is usable down to -40 °C (-40 °F) and for limited periods, up to + 180 °C (356 °F).

Under vacuum

Apiezon AP 101 exhibits good vacuum properties in the lower to medium vacuum range. Within the scope of its optimum working temperature, AP 101 can be used under vacuum conditions down to 10-4 torr.

Easily removed

Hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents will remove AP101. We recommend d-limonene as a safer solvent.

The important point is that AP 101 works when you want it to, but is easily removed when you don't!

Industry approvals

AP 101 is highly regarded within industry and has gained prestigious approvals from both Marconi Radar and NATO.