Silver Conductive Paint, Bulk Volumes

SPI Supplies Silver Conductive Paint, 5000 grams
Size 5000 grams
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SPI Supplies Silver Conductive Paint, 1 Pint (750 grams)
Size 1 Pint
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Need to purchase our basic Silver Conductive Paint in larger volumes? These sizes are the same formulation as our popular Silver Conductive Paint which was originally developed for sample preparation applications in SEM (scanning electron microscope) laboratories. Our Silver Conductive Paint has found a number of other applications where a high performance, high solids silver paint is required. For example, this fine uniformly air-drying silver conductive paint is commonly used for the attachment of electrodes in research laboratories, for touching up hair line cracks in printed circuit boards, as well as novelty applications involving screen printing onto cotton and other fabric. It also has applications in electroplating and electronics as well as decorative ceramics and fine china and has been used successfully in the production of tantalum capacitors.