SafeShip™ Nonflammable Silver Conductive Paint

No longer available here is an alternative 04960-AB.

Specially formulated, non-flammable material
Due to restrictions on shipping  Dangerous Goods materials, even in small volumes to certain countries (e.g. China, Russia, India, South Africa to name a few) SPI Supplies has formulated a unique and novel "nonflammable" silver paint. We did this by using a diluent for the paint product that can contain some water, which increases the flash point to the level where it is just not considered flammable.
Why not make all the silver paints and pastes "non-flammable"? Well, there is a trade-off. By making it “non-flammable” the drying time is increased but still within the limits of reasonability for an SEM lab application. Our testing shows the  drying time increased by roughly two times over our standard Silver Conductive Paint formulation).

Viscosity difference:
The  SafeShip Nonflammable Silver Paint contains a higher percent of silver solids, explaining in part the higher price per unit volume or weight relative to the regular  Silver Conductive Paint. The higher silver solids  result in a higher viscosity. It is possible, using common laboratory solvents, such as acetone, to dilute the suspension to a viscosity comparable to the standard silver paint. This will also speed up the drying time.
All other properties of the dried paint are essentially the same, the only real difference is in the already discussed drying time.

Thinner for SafeShip Nonflammable Silver Conductive Paint:
Evaporation of the suspending system of this silver paint product could eventually result in a viscosity that is higher than when the paint was "new" and sufficiently higher  that it just cannot be used in the intended manner for the mounting of SEM samples. The liquid suspending agent is a carefully balanced mixture of several different liquids in a specific ratio. If the product has to be "thinned", ONLY  the special formulated Thinner for SafeShip Nonflammable Silver Conductive Paint (see above)  should be used.  Do not use "standard" silver paint thinners since there will be some incompatibilities between the water present and the solvents in the regular silver paint systems. For best results, shake the thinner bottle vigorously before adding the thinner to SafeShip Nonflammable Silver Conductive Paint.

0.5 and 1 troy oz. bottles with brush applicator caps 60 ml bottles with standard screw on cap (no brush applicator)