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Chrysotile B Canadian Asbestos Analytical Standard UICC 0.1g(DG)US:Ground,Intl:FedExP (CofC-NA)
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Chrysotile B Canadian Asbestos Analytical Standard UICC 1.0g(DG)US:Ground,Intl:FedExP (CofC-NA)
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Chrysotile "B" Canadian
UICC NB #: 4173-111-1
CAS #: 12001-29-5

This sample consists of a mixture of fiber from the firms Bells, Carey, Cassair, Flintkote, Johns-Manville, Lake, Normandie and National, proportioned roughly to represent Canadian production of asbestos products at that time. All starting materials were Grade 4 on the Canadian scale or the nearest equivalent, the goal being to obtain material of relatively short fiber length but with a minimum of "rock". For further information, see Timbrell, Gilson and Webster, Int. J. Cancer 3, 406-408 (1968). This mineral is predominantly made up of hydrous silicates of magnesia.

The UICC reference samples* were developed a number of years ago, as part of a world-wide research effort. A relatively large amount of these material were obtained, homogenized, characterized and distributed to a number of end users, manufacturers and sub-distributors. A great deal of analytical data was indeed developed on them for a variety of purposes, and various results were published in a number of different scientific journals and trade publications. The trace element compositions of the UICC standard asbestos samples are reported in American Journal of Industrial Medicine Volume 32, Issue 6, Pages 592 -594, Published Online: 6 Dec 1998.

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