SPI-Chem Sodium Hydroxide, white pellets, CAS #1310-73-2

SPI-Chem Sodium Hydroxide, white pellets, CAS #1310-73-2, 100g,
Size 100 g
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1 to 9 $8.16
10 and up $7.34
Chemical Formula:NaOH
Formula Weight:40.0
Odor:None reported
Boiling Point:Not available
Melting Point:Not available
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):2.130

Shipping Information

UN #:1823
Proper Shipping Name:Sodium hydroxide, solid
Hazard Class:8
Packing Group:II

Sodium hydroxide is called for in certain sample preparation procedures in electron and light microscopy. It is a strong alkaline compound and is also used as a regenerant for anionic exchange resins that are used in deionization systems and for the pH modification of low pH (acidic) water. Sodium hydroxide also has a substantial application in the amateur soap-making market, but there are indeed some dangers in bringing this material into a residential environment. There are, in fact an almost limitless number of applications for this material. But because of its hazardous nature, be sure you are aware of our policy about shipping hazardous materials to residential addresses.

Synonyms for sodium hydroxide:
Caustic soda and lye