SPI-Chem Glutaraldehyde, 50% Biological Grade, CAS#111-30-8

SPI-Chem Glutaraldehyde, 50% Biological Grade, 30 ml Bottle, CAS#111-30-8,
Size 30 ml Bottle
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SPI-Chem Glutaraldehyde, 50% Biological Grade, 450 ml Bottle, CAS#111-30-8,
Size 450 ml Bottle
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Storage Conditions:Refrigeration
Chemical Formula:C5H8O2
CAS#:111-30-8 (glutaraldehyde in various percentages)
CAS#:7732-18-5 (water in various percentages)
Formula Weight:100.05
RTECS #:MA2450000 (glutaraldehyde)
RTECS#:ZC0110000 (water)
Color:Water-like clear
Odor:Sharp pungent
Boiling Point:370.4° C / 699° F
Melting Point:-14° C / 6.8° F
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):Not available
Decomposition Temperature:188° / 370.4° F
Solubility:100% in water
Vapor Pressure:17 mm Hg @ 20° C
Package Size:30 mL

Shipping Information

UN #:3265
Proper Shipping Name:Corrosive liquid, acidic, organic, N.O.S. (contains glutaraldehyde)
Hazard Class:8
Packing Group:III

Non-hazardous from a shipping standpoint

Glutaraldehyde is the most widely used fixative in the life science microscope laboratory and when used for electron microscopy, it is usually used in conjunction with osmium tetroxide.

The SPI-CHEM™ EM Grade glutaraldehyde offers the ultimate purity: It is stable, fresh and sealed under dry nitrogen in prescored glass ampoules. We guarantee that it is the highest quality EM glutaraldehyde available anywhere. We recommend this grade of glutaraldehyde for any work being done at the EM level. The aqueous dissolved products are by far the most popular but certain protocols require either anhydrous or even methanol or ethanol dissolved formulations.

The SPI-CHEM™ Biological Grade glutaraldehyde is a real cost saver - less than half the price of our EM grade glutaraldehyde... with the same strength to preserve samples. Please note that the shelf-life is somewhat shorter than the shelf-life of our EM grade and it must be kept refrigerated at all times. For foreign shipments outside the USA, consider purchasing in the Green OK-SPI 30 ml bottles in order to save on shipping costs. However, all things considered, it might be cheaper to just purchase the EM grade glutaraldehyde which will cost more but the shipping costs will be less. 

Are refrigerated shipments necessary?

This has been over the years a topic that has been actively discussed, including various listserver postings on the internet. In general, we do not believe that the SPI-Chem EM grade glutaraldehyde needs to be shipped refrigerated, even in the peak of summer.

Further safety considerations:

As part of your "sharps" injury loss prevention program, always open ampoules with an SPI Supplies brand glass ampoule breaker.