Batson's #17 Replacement Components for Anatomical Corrosion Casting Kit

Monomer Base Solution for Batson's #17 Anatomical Corrosion Casting Kit, 940ml
Size Monomer 940ml
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Catalyst for Batson's #17 Anatomical Corrosion Casting Kit, 100ml
Size Catalyst 100ml
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Promoter for Batson's #17 Anatomical Corrosion Casting Kit 50ml
Size Promoter 50ml
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Batson's #17 anatomical corrosion casting kit is a low viscosity acrylic-based resin system yielding clean specimens, and providing good replication accuracy for all corrosion casting applications. 

Description of the Batson's #17 corrosion casting kit:
The kit is used at room temperature and is used for the preparation of the exact anatomical corrosion specimens by injecting the liquid resin plastic. After hardening, the tissue is corroded away by a caustic solution, yielding a durable, scientifically exact model for anatomical study.