SPI-Chem Uranyl Zinc Acetate CAS#10138-94-0 (Depleted Uranium)

SPI-Chem Uranyl Zinc Acetate CAS#10138-94-0 (Depleted Uranium) 1g
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SPI-Chem Uranyl Zinc Acetate(Depleted Uranium) CAS#10138-94-0 Deplete Uranium 5g
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Appearance:Yellow crystalline powder

Synonyms:Zinc bis(acetato-O)dioxouranate, zinc uranyl acetate



Uranyl zinc acetate is relatively new among uranyl compounds and is used not only as an electron dense stain for electron microscopy but also as part of the protocal for wet chemical "sodium" determinations. Zinc uranyl acetate is sometimes called "sodium reagent" since the pale yellow NaZn(UO2)3(C2H3O2)9 is one of the very few insoluble sodium compounds. 

Health and environmental
Uranyl zinc acetate is highly toxic by both inhalation and ingestion. Cummulative effects are also probable with the target organs being the liver and kidneys. It is toxic to aquatic organisms, and may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. As with all compounds of uranium, even depleted uranium, it is radioactive to a degree that is dependent on its isotope ratios. 

Restriction on shipments:
Uranium-containing compounds, as well as uranium metal are subject to special restrictions from both the United States and other governments both for export from the USA as well as for importation into other countries. 

Shipping regulations:
UN 2910
Class 7

Licensing and shipping restrictions may apply. Consult your country specific regulations regarding radioactive materials.