Weibel Type 2

Weibel Type 2 16mm
Size 16 mm
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Weibel Type 2 19mm
Size 19 mm
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Weibel Type 2 21mm
Size 21 mm
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Weibel Type 2 Custom
Size Custom
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Used when making a surface to volume ratio of a structure per mass unit. The reticle consists of a number of short lines with interruptions as long as the lines. Basically the number of intersections falling over the short lines are counted and the number of end points falling on the end of the structure are determined. 

Reference: Current Capabilities and Limitations of Available Stereological Techniques, Point Counting Method, E. R. Weibel, J. of Microscopy, Vol.95 (373-378) 

Surface Chrome Image: Model 01B16260  

Pattern NGW2: