1001D VACUUM FD.THRU/12121/31

1001D VACUUM FD.THRU/12121/31
1001D VACUUM FD.THRU/12121/31
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Vacuum Feed Through

Our philosophy is to keep supplying a customer with spare parts so long as our customer wants to continue using their SPI Supplies piece of equipment.

These are the spare and replacement parts for coaters manufactured by SPI Supplies during the period of 1974 to 1983. These carried the model designations of #12121 and the self-contained model (pump in cabinet) of #13131. Do not confuse these early models with our current SPI Module™ all modular line of sputter and carbon coaters. No other manufacturer of sputter and carbon coaters will support their previously manufactured equipment this long! But then again, no one makes equipment that lasts as long as SPI manufactured equipment either.

There is no reason why one of these "old" SPI Sputter coaters should not be able to be kept in use indefinitely. Their design was advanced for its time and it was using a magnet-in-the-head design long before it became fashionable by others to do that same thing.

If you have one of these old coaters, and are on a tight budget, it is almost always cheaper to bring the old coater back to life than to purchase a new one. Most of the units manufactured in this time period are still in operation today, something that is almost unheard of when it comes to SEM lab sputter coaters. If you don't see what you need below, please ask us