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SPI Module™ Sputter Coater with Carbon Module and QTCM 110v 50/60 Hz CE Certified:

Combination Sputter/Carbon Coater System"The Works" includes:

  • Vacuum Control Base
  • Sputter Coater Module
  • Carbon Coater Module / With Carbon Fiber Head

SPI Supplies Optional Carbon Rod Head is not included.

RoHS Compliance

Take two instruments that deposit two different kinds of conductive coatings onto SEM samples and tie them together with a common power/vacuum control base unit. What do you get?

Sputter/Carbon Coating the SPI-Module Way!

  • Increased cost efficiency, a sputter coater and carbon coater wrapped into one!.
  • Significant savings on the total system.
  • Significant savings in usable bench space.
  • Easily upgraded for extra capabilities.
  • Cool sputter coating of precious metals - with magnetically enhanced cathode design.
  • Fast coating (up to 200A gold in 20 seconds) - virtually no heat damage to sensitive samples.
  • Specimen chamber: 5" (12.7 cm) High x 4" (10.2 cm) Outside Diameter
  • Uniform coating - all shapes, sizes. Thickness monitor generally not needed.
  • Safety interlocks - ensures that high voltage is not applied until vacuum is achieved.
  • Continuously movable sample stage - to easily adjust cathode to sample distance.
  • Economical operation - low metal consumption.
  • Mobility - compact design allows easy transport from lab to lab.
  • Finger bleed vacuum control - with the highest quality needle valve.
  • Inert gas entry - inlet in rear.
  • Water cooling to sample stage - standard.
  • Quick-change cathode assembly - for maximum throughput and minimum sample to sample cycle time.
  • One year warranty.
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Compliant