Apiezon Sealing Compound Q, 1kg Can, CAS #8009-03-8 and CAS #68953-58-2

Apiezon Sealing Compound Q, 1kg Can, CAS #8009-03-8 and CAS #68953-58-2
Apiezon Sealing Compound Q, 1kg Can, CAS #8009-03-8 and CAS #68953-58-2
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Apiezon Sealing Compound Q is a versatile sealing medium which is used for a variety of different purposes in a number of different industries.

It is sufficiently firm at room temperature to remain in position, yet is soft enough to be molded by hand and is readily removed when no longer required.

1 kg can

The key features of this product are summarized as follows:

  • Temporary seal
  • Low vacuum range only
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use

Stop the Leak:

If a vacuum system develops a leak it is not always possible, or economically viable to close down that system to undertake repairs.

Apiezon Sealing Compound Q offers an effective, temporary vacuum seal until such a time as permanent repairs become more convenient. In this way, Apiezon Sealing Compound Q may reduce equipment down times and ensure important deadlines are able to be met in production situations.

Under Vacuum:

Apiezon Sealing Compound Q exhibits good vacuum properties in the lower vacuum range. Full information on its vapor pressure characteristics over the working temperature range of the product are shown in the table below:

Extremely Versatile:

Among many other diverse applications, Apiezon Sealing Compound Q can be used to seal around the edges of flat, unground joints to blank off parts of an apparatus temporarily or to seal glass cylinders to metal plates to produce temporary vacuum enclosures.

Whether sealing joints, filling in holes or filling gaps in a vacuum system, Apiezon Sealing Compound Q is extremely versatile and is the ideal leak sealant in a wide array of uses and industries.

Special Note:

When high vacuum or UHV is involved, then this product would not be appropriate and one should be considering the Vacseal® line of vacuum leak sealants.

Typical Properties:

Typical working temperature range, °C: -10 to + 30
Temperature for application: Ambient
Approximate softening point, °C: 40-50 °C
Packaging: 1 kg
Vapor pressure @ 20°C, in torr: 1x10-4

Easy to Use:

Apiezon Sealing Compound Q is a soft, putty like substance which is easily molded by hand at ambient temperatures, yet firm enough to remain in position. It has a vapor pressure of approximately 9 x 10-5 torr at 20°C ensuring efficacious use where the vacuum requirement is not too low.

With a softening point of 45°C, Compound Q should be used where the site of application remains between -10 and + 30°C.

When kneading or rolling Compound Q, care should be taken to ensure that hands and surfaces are clean in order ot preserve the low vapor pressure characteristics of this product.

Easy to Remove:

Apiezon Sealing Compound Q will adhere to a wide range of surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, etc., yet it is simply removed by peeling away from the site of application. Any traces of the product left on the surface can be easily removed by washing with any hydrocarbon solvent or by using a vapor degreasing or both.