Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone & Halogen Free, 25g Tube, CAS #8009-03-8

Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone & Halogen Free, 25g Tube, CAS #8009-03-8
Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone & Halogen Free, 25g Tube, CAS #8009-03-8
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Apiezon N

25 gram Tube

When it comes to low-temperature applications, nothing comes close in performance to Apiezon N Grease. The product retains most of its important properties all the way down to -269°C/-452°F/4°K. But this is not all. This lubricant provides solutions to those low-temperature challenges and can be cycled from these low temperatures up to room temperature and then back down without showing visible signs of cracking. And in addition, this grease is completely free of any silicones or halogens.


Typical applications:

  • Sensor mount within certain low-temperature scientific instruments
  • Thermal coupling medium within cryostats
  • Use in just about any cryogenic experiments

Apiezon N grease has a special proprietary additive that reduces (or eliminates) cracking and crazing when the grease is cooled (or even quenched) to the cryogenic temperatures already mentioned above. This helps ensure that as a thermal contact medium, maximum contact between the surfaces is conferred by the grease, ensuring maximum thermal conductance. All these advantages are additional of course, to the primary purpose of the product, that is, to ensure a leak-free seal. Extensive additional technical information is available including vapor pressure vs. temperature data. Apiezon N is also used as an electrical contact grease (lubricant).


Thermal Coupling

Apiezon N Grease has a proven track record in improving thermal contact under cryogenic conditions. This is important for the coupling of cooling systems to superconducting magnets, cryostats, temperature sensors or any system that is required to reach cryogenic temperatures as quickly as possible. Low levels of magnetic susceptibility also make it ideal for superconductor manufacturing applications.


Sensor Mounting

Apiezon N Grease is ideal for use in cryogenic sensor mounting. It is pliable at room temperature and solidifies at cryogenic temperatures to allow for easy mounting and removal of sensors without causing damage.


Sample Mounting

Important in low-temperature testing of semiconductor chips, laser diodes, and crystals, etc., Apiezon N Grease is used to improve thermal contact between the sample boat and cold finger of a cryostat. This cryogenic thermal contact grease ensures that samples are at the lowest possible temperatures to improve test sensitivities.


Ambient Temperature Applications - Added Cushioning

Apiezon N Grease can be used in a variety of applications at ambient temperatures such as when added cushioning is required. N Grease has a special additive which gives it a tenacious, rubbery consistency which absorbs vibrations in equipment, making N Grease invaluable in fragile glass to glass joints, like burette taps, which continually risk fracture.