Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone & Halogen Free, 25g Tube, CAS #8009-03-8

Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone & Halogen Free, 25g Tube, CAS #8009-03-8
Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone & Halogen Free, 25g Tube, CAS #8009-03-8
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When it comes to low temperature applications, nothing comes close in performance to Apiezon N Grease. The product retains most of its important properties all the way down to -269°C/-452°F/4°K. But this is not all. This innovative new lubricant solution to those low temperature challenges can also be cycled from these low temperatures up to room temperature and then back down without showing visible signs of cracking. And in addition, this grease is completely free of any silicones or halogens.

25 grams

Typical applications:

  • Sensor mount within certain low temperature scientific instruments
  • Thermal coupling medium within cryostats
  • Use in just about any cryogenic experiments

What is the secret?

Apiezon N grease has a special proprietary additive that reduces (or eliminates) cracking and crazing when the grease is cooled (or even quenched) to the cryogenic temperatures already mentioned above. This helps ensure that as a thermal contact medium, maximum contact between the surfaces is conferred by the grease, ensuring maximum thermal conductance. All these advantages are additional of course, to the primary purpose of the product, that is, to ensure a leak free seal. Extensive additional technical information is available including vapor pressure vs. temperature data. Apiezon N is also used as an electrical contact grease (lubricant).

Low temperature dynamic applications:

This is something we don't recommend. But we are always asked questions about what happens when the temperature drops to some low point and how does the grease perform as a lubricant. For example, at -200° C, it can not be used to lubricate pump bearings in any kind of liquid nitrogen pumping application. At these temperatures, Apiezon N can only act as a vacuum sealant, thermal coupling medium or sample mounting medium.

How sure can I be that the grease is free of anything other than C, H, and O?

Apiezon N is formulated to be totally free of any Si (either as silicon, silicon dioxide, or silicone or silanes) or halogens. Apiezon N is formulated from a molecularly distilled hydrocarbon with a small added percentage of a high molecular weight (pure) hydrocarbon polymer and elementally contains only C, H and O. The only notable trace element present is S (Sulfur).