Dotite D-550 Silver Colloid, 20 g

Dotite D-550 Silver Colloid, 20 g
Dotite D-550 Silver Colloid, 20 g
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Highest percent silver solids of all the silver paint type products and is known for its attractive specifications and properties including fast room temperature air cure and excellent conductivity. It is often times shipped as a component of starter kits with new SEM's being manufactured in Japan. Prospective customers should note that this product does not contain a brush applicator cap like most other silver paints offered for SEM applications.

If the Dotite Silver Paint dries out, unlike some other silver paints, it can be re-suspended with the addition of SPI #05004 Silver Paint Thinner followed by an ultrasonic bath treatment.

Make sure you understand the unique situation with regard to expiration dating with regard to this product. SPI Supplies can not be held responsible for shipment of this product if received either near or after the expiration date.

Silver metal properties

Chemical Symbol: Ag
CAS #: 7440-22-4
Atomic Number: 47
Atomic Weight: 107.8682
Color: Silver
Silver Melting Point: 961.78°C (1763.2°F)