Mount-Quick Mounting Media, 30ml Tube

Mount-Quick Mounting Media, 30ml Tube
Mount-Quick Mounting Media, 30ml Tube
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Mount-Quick is a high quality solvent based mounting media packaged in a tube. It is a multi-use product with applications as a standard mounting media as well as a liquid coverslip (coverglass free) mounting media. It is fast drying and a thin film of it can be used to adhere a coverslip to a microscope slide which can then be immediately examined by light microscopy. The tube type package eliminates the messy transfer of mounting media from a large container to a small jar for individual sample use and of course, eliminates the waste of unused media. The amount dispensed can be controlled without the use of droppers or glass rods and its low viscosity enables the medium to flow easily and acts as an inhibitor to the formation and entrapment of air bubbles.

Mount-Quick Mounting Media can also be used in tissue/cell transfer procedures to transfer tissue sections or cell preparations from a prepared microscopic slide when specimen availability is limited.

 Applications in tissue/cell transfer include:

  • Paraffin sections of small biopsies/minimal tissue.
  • When paraffin block is unavailable.
  • Cytology preparations, fine needle aspirates.
  • Transfer of tissue from an uncharged slide to charged slide.
  • Preparing multiple slides from a single slide preparation
  • Salvaging/restoring broken slides back to a whole mount

Package size: 30 ml tube

Viscosity: 33 cps at 25°C
Drying time: Approximately ten minutes.
Solubility: Xylene and other organic solvents.
Shelf life: One year after opening.