SPI-Chem Uranyl Acetate (Depleted Uranium), 25g, CAS#6159-44-0

SPI-Chem Uranyl Acetate (Depleted Uranium), 25g, CAS#6159-44-0
SPI-Chem Uranyl Acetate (Depleted Uranium), 25g, CAS#6159-44-0
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Formula:   C4H6O6U · 2H2O
Appearance:  Yellow free-flowing crystalline solids
CAS: #6159-44-0
MW: 424.15 SG: 3.2
RTECS:  YR3600000
Solubility:   s in 10 parts H2O; sl s alcohol
Density, g/cm3: 2.89
Purity:        98+%
Insolubles:    <0.01%
Chloride (Cl):   <30mg/kg
Sulfate (SO4):  <100 mg/kg%
Alkalies & Alkaline Earths (as sulfates) <500 mg/kg
Heavy Metals (as Pb):  <0.002%
Iron (Fe): <10 mg/kg:  <10 mg/kg 


Uranyl acetate is a very popular and widely used stain and interacts with nucleic acids in a very unique way. Users are cautioned to not use aluminum foil for the sealing of uranyl acetate solutions because if you permit some of the solution to contaminate the aluminum foil, the foil will decompose into a mess, eventually contaminating the uranyl acetate solution. A much better choice would be Parafilm® laboratory sealing film for this application. The use of uranyl acetate does require ultra high purity and care with your work, and if you are not careful, one can easily end up with "goop" in their samples. SPI starts with bulk manufactured material that meets or exceeds the specifications for ACS certified material before packaging, and each batch of SPI-Chem Uranyl Acetate must pass a water solubility test prior to "final" packaging. 

Dissolution of uranyl acetate:

During the recent past, some of our competitors have put onto the market Uranyl Acetate that was not up to the standard needed for high quality electron microscopy. Simply put, the powder just did not seem to want to dissolve. Special know-how is needed in order to make the powder "fast dissolving". And the SPI-Chem uranyl acetate indeed does dissolve quickly. 

Other electron dense uranyl based stains:

SPI Supplies offers a reliable supply of other hard-to-find electron dense stains, including uranyl formate and uranyl nitrate. Let us know what other needs you might have for any uranium based compounds, we are set up to produce just about anything in the way of uranium compounds, always with depleted uranium for safety and virtually no exposure hazards. We also offer the very newest in the way of electron dense stains, including uranyl magnesium acetate and uranyl zinc acetate. 

Radioactivity statement:

This material is made from depleted uranium, meaning that it is uranium from which the radioactive isotopes have been greatly reduced in concentration. 

Are there alternatives?

For really the highest quality TEM work on tissue specimens, the general consensus would suggest that there really is no acceptable substitute for uranyl acetate. There are always "apparent" alternatives but when you look closely at the chemistry of what is happening, you are forced to conclude that they work in different ways, and therefore are not showing the same things. 

Keep away from light:

Our recommendation is to keep uranyl acetate away from light for both staining as well as storage of the aqueous solution as well as the dry crystals. Even some fluorescent lights can cause precipitation and other deleterious effects in the samples. 
Restriction on shipments:
Uranium-containing compounds, as well as uranium metal are subject to special restrictions from both the United States and other governments both for export from the USA as well as for importation into other countries. 

Shipping regulations:
UN 2910
Class 7

Licensing and shipping restrictions may apply. Consult your country specific regulations regarding radioactive materials.