SPI-Chem Ruthenium Tetroxide Staining Kit

SPI-Chem Ruthenium Tetroxide Staining Kit
SPI-Chem Ruthenium Tetroxide Staining Kit
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Kit Contains:
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02594-AASodium Periodate NaIO44
02596-ABRuthenium Oxide (IV) Hydrate RuO22

Ruthenium, because of its high atomic number enhances image contrast just like osmium, when examining certain rubber modified polymer systems and  certain life science samples. Because of the higher reactivity of ruthenium relative to osmium tetroxide, there actually are a number of systems that won't stain hardly or at all with osmium tetroxide but will stain quite readily with ruthenium tetroxide. There are also a number of applications for the ruthenium tetroxide staining of certain multiphase polymer systems.

For many years, the use of ruthenium tetroxide was greatly limited because of the explosive nature of the tetroxide and prohibition in some laboratories against its use.  RuO4 in any  form is generally regarded as too unstable for safe laboratory storage under any circumstances. It is for this reason we are pleased to offer this 2-component  kit. The components by themselves are very stable and pose no explosion hazard . NOTE: The resulting compound, RuO4 is hazardous from the standpoint of exposure like any  RuO4 (or OsO4 ) compound.

How it works
The ruthenium (IV) oxide hydrate and sodium periodate, are mixed together to make the RuO4.  Once mixed, so long as the instructions are followed exactly, the amount of the dangerous component is small and the hazards of the RuO4 are reduced. Please refer to the SDS for important safety precautions.

The use of RuO4 results in the reduction of the material from RuO4 to RuO2, a relatively nonreactive compound with properties similar to nonreactive OsO2. The formula calls for the use of an excess of the periodate. Sodium periodate in aqueous solution itself is not stable and quickly breaks down to a nonreactive species.

Complete instructions for the preparation of 0.67% aqueous RuO4 solution are included