SPI-Chem Bismuth Subnitrate 25g CAS #1304-85-1

SPI-Chem Bismuth Subnitrate 25g CAS #1304-85-1
SPI-Chem Bismuth Subnitrate 25g CAS #1304-85-1
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Chemical Formula:Na2OBiNO3
Formula Weight:286.99
RTECS #:Not available
Apperance:Not available
Color:Not available
Odor:Not available
Boiling Point:Not available
Melting Point:Not available
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):Not available
Package Size:25 g

Shipping Information

UN #:1477
Proper Shipping Name:Nitrates, inorganic, n.o.s.
Hazard Class:5.1
Packing Group:II

This compound can be used in conjunction with a variety of biological samples and is sometimes used as an alternative to lead acetate after uranyl acetate. This approach can be used for both electron anas well as light microscopy and the actual working solution can be prepared easily.

Furthermore, bismuth tends to interact with reduced osmium (e.g. the form of osmium after it has been reduced and has oxidized some element in the tissue), and therefore can act as a contrast enhancing stain for phosphotungstic acid. For example, it brings out additional contrast in samples with DNA, ferritin, and lysosomes.