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1 lb. powder
1 unit (30 oz.) hardener

The Koldmount fast-curing cold mounting kit has become the worldwide standard for this kind of product. It results in a translucent block when finally cured. It can be used for embedding virtually any kind of sample. The cure time is 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In most instances, one would also need some mold release agent.
But we also have to be fair to our customers and give additional but very candid information about this type of product in general, including the Koldmount product offered by SPI Supplies. Basically there is only one reason why one would want to use this particular product: When there is the need for virtually an immediate turnaround time to have the completed the finished mount with the following condition that the sample cannot be heated.

We say that because it is inferior in virtually every respect to more conventional embedding resins (for example, Bakelite or other resins) except one: You can make a mount ready to examine in a few minutes instead of overnight.

So the real purpose of Koldmount in our product line is for those who absolutely must have speed without heat and the fact that the quality of the mount itself will be lower just does not matter. This is a product for fast turnaround time and high productivity and speed, it is not a product where one would obtain the highest quality metallographic preparation.

An understated potential safety risk:
We are addressing now the cured block, something that to most people is about as inert of a material as one will find. But the standard practice in many laboratories is to use a small jeweler's (or even a small hack) saw to cut the block down to the right size, sometimes even to shape it. We want to address the dust that is generated and how its exposure can and should be minimized.

Flammable Liquid
Class 3
Pkg Group-II
While there are undoubtedly some number of variations on this protocol, we believe the one indicated below is a good starting point for anyone trying to determine the optimum potting conditions:

Mix 2 parts of powder to 1 part of liquid by volume for not less than 30 seconds. Pour the mixture completely over the specimen which is already placed in mounting ring, itself resting on a glass or stainless steel plate (e.g. flat surface).

Allow to stand at least 20 minutes at room temperature 24 to 27° C (75 to 80° F) until KoldMount hardens, after which final preparation of specimen can be started. Note: Colder temperatures retard the hardening action. If laboratory is 21°C (70°F) it may take 30 minutes to cure; If 18° C (65° F) perhaps as long as 40 minutes could be required.

Metallographically polishing and etching:
Use whatever standard protocols you would have used for other potting resins.