PEAK Reticles
PEAK Reticles
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PEAK Reticles

PEAK offers a variety of interchangeable reticles that may be used in a number of their magnifiers.

PEAK NumberSPI Supplies NumberReticle DiameterPEAK magnification
1975 set02268-AB26mm7X
1983 set02269-AB35mm10X

Each of these PEAK magnifiers come with a standard scale (02243). The PEAK Scale Magnifier 7X with 5 Quick-Change Reticles (02268-AB) and PEAK Scale Magnifier 10X with 5 Quick-Change Reticles (02269-AB) come with added Reticle Scales No. 2, 3, 7, 8, and 11.

When ordering additional reticle scales, please be sure that the proper diameter scale is ordered. 7X and 15X products use a 26mm diameter reticle, while the 10X products use the 35mm diameter reticle.

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