Capsule Press
Capsule Press
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Capsule Press

The BEEM® capsule press was designed to be a safe way to extract the polymerized block from the original BEEM® capsule. Perhaps the most notable feature is that the users avoid the nasty razor cuts that used to be prevalent when the press is not used. It is designed for use with capsule sizes 00, SPC, and SPB. A special adapter is needed for safe use with Size 3 capsules.


The main part of the BEEM® capsule press is a solid aluminum casting which is extremely rugged but yet, light in weight. And it has been recently modified to make it easier to use. The lever is now stainless steel which will reduce the tendency of it to rust in the presence of laboratory vapors. The black paint is solvent resistant.

Size 3 capsule adapter now included:

We are now including as part of the package that contains the press, one of the special adapters for Size 3 capsules so it need not be purchased separately.

Our full BEEM catalog is also available.

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