BEEM products for microscopy and histology are known and used in the world's finest microscopy and histology laboratories because of their high quality and unsurpassed reliability. Started in the early 1960's by early pioneers in the then emerging field of (then transmission) electron microscopy, in a small production shop in the Bronx, in New York City, the founders of Better Equipment for Electron Microscopy, Inc. grew the company into one of the best known "brands" in the market of microscopy and histology. Even after the passing of so much time, and changes in technology, BEEM products, such as the famous line of "BEEM Capsules" are instantly recognized by workers in the field.

Others have tried to copy but no one has ever really duplicated the consistent texture of the BEEM capsule embedding system or the many varieties of BEEM embedding molds. Be sure you don't settle for one of the lesser quality knock-off products, sometimes even at higher prices. Be sure you don't settle for anything less than the very best.