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SPI Plasma Prep™ III Plasma Cleaner

PPIII PC Operation The SPI Plasma Prep™ III Plasma Cleaner is a compact "benchtop" sized plasma cleaner, that uses the "dry plasma process" for the removal of contamination on the TEM specimen holder. The unit can also be used on the sample itself, whether in regards to the cleaning of the sample, or exposing it to a glow discharge process.
Plasma Prep™ III Plasma Cleaner.


SPI Supplies Plasma Prep Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE)

Plasma Prep RIE - Operation


Cleaving Mica

Techniques for cleaving SPI mica sheets.


SPI Plasma Prep™ III Plasma Etcher

PP III Operation The Plasma Prep III (PP III) is the new generation of the popular and long-serving Plasma Prep II RF-based unit. With its compact tabletop design and ease of use, the new generation now employs a solid-state design to deliver the same 100W system performance. Furthermore, the small footprint allows the system to fit neatly in almost any laboratory environment.
Plasma Prep III Basic Operation


Osmium Plasma Coater Model OPC-80T

OPC80T Basic Operation The OPC-80T is designed to apply a very thin (1-2nm) conductive film of amorphous osmium metal on samples for SEM examination. Please view our videos to learn more about the setup and operation of this amazing instrument.
OPC 80T Assembly
OPC 80T Sample Preparation
OPC 80T Basic Operation
Osmium Reservoir


Sputter Carbon Coater

Sputter Carbon Coating Assembly The SPI Supplies Module Sputter / Carbon Coating System is designed to be a modular piece of laboratory sample preparation equipment. This design allows the user to customize a system to meet their exact needs. To learn more about the setup and operation of the SPI Supplies Module Sputter / Carbon Coater, please see our videos.
Sputter Carbon Coater Assembly
Carbon Coater Operation
Sputter Coater Operation
Changing the Carbon Fiber on a Fiber Head
Changing the Carbon Rod on a Rod Head


Precision Glass Cutters

Precision Glass Cutters