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Refractive Index Fluids
Refractive Index Fluids

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Refractive Index Fluids

The standard group consists of a total of 220 different liquids divided into six different series extending in the range from 1.300 to 1.800. The Certified Series cover the range of the most minerals, most chemicals, and practically all biological materials.

Series AAA: Range 1.300 to 1.395 RI, 20 different liquids

Series AA: Range: 1.400 to 1.458 RI, 30 different liquids

Series A: Range: 1.460 to 1.640 RI, 91 different liquids

Series B: Range: 1.642-1.700 RI, 30 different liquids

Series M Range: 1.705-1.800 RI, 20 different liquids 
Series E Range: 1.500-1.640 RI, 29 different liquids

All refractive index values were taken at the "D" line which is 589.3 nm (5893Å) at 25° C.