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Membrane Boxes
Membrane Boxes

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Membrane Boxes

The SPI Membrane Boxes are constructed with thin, highly stretchable and flexible plastic membranes, both in the top and bottom halves of the box, which, when closed, form snugly around the object being stored, thereby holding it securely in place. The boxes are made of Styron® 678E clear polystyrene and the unique membrane is made of a polyether polyurethane system. The patented design of the box is covered by patents in various countries.

These membrane boxes represent the ideal way to transport the most fragile and delicate of samples and items. We at SPI use them for the shipping of our own sometimes quite fragile (when ordered very thin) YAG and YAP single crystal scintillators. Many customers in the electronics industry use these boxes for storing and shipping small pieces of silicon. From what we have seen, nothing seems to be too fragile for the SPI Membrane Storage Boxes. So whether the objects are round, pointed, oddly-shaped or of different sizes, the membrane box form of packaging is entirely safe and protects the objects not only from mechanical damage, but also the more subtle forms of damage due to factors such as oxidation. Because of the high optical transparency of the membrane box packaging, one can make inspections and visual checks without having to open up the box, possibly exposing the objects to dust or other environmental exposures.