Membrane Box 7.75x7.75x2"

Membrane Box 7.75x7.75x2"
Membrane Box 7.75x7.75x2"
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This box has two flexible hinges for opening and one "lock" for securing the box in a closed and locked position. It exhibits good sealing properties against moisture penetration.

Outside Dimensions: 7.75" x 7.75" x 2.0" (195 x 195 x 50 mm high)

Inside Dimensions:   6.50" x 6.50" (165 x 165 mm)

Availability in Anti-Static Plastic:

These boxes can be fabricated out of anti-static plastic. However, not only does the anti-static plastic cost considerably more than the normal plastic materials, but the set up costs to purge the equipment before the special plastic can be run, and then cleaned out before running the standard plastic is also considerable and that is why the minimum order for antistatic plastic is roughly $10,000 depending on which box is desired. But for some applications, the anti-static formulation is needed in order to avoid the build-up of static charge.